Terms and Conditions for attending a Church service during COVID-19

Pre-amble: Currently Crosspoint Family Church  has decided to host one service a week to ease us into finding our way forward for future fellowship.

  1. No more than 50 worshippers are allowed at any one service if the size of the building allows. Smaller venues must be restricted to one person per square metre.
  2. As per Government recommendations, CPFC would like to remind any congregant who are in high-risk categories for contracting COVID 19 to exercise extra caution while making their decision to register for attending services in person. Worshipping with us through our online live platforms will continue to be made available.  Persons who have to be additionally cautious as advised by The WHO and The Ministry of Health – Government of Botswana are:
  • Any person 60 years or over.
  •     Any persons with co-morbidities such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Cardiac or Lung conditions to name but a few.
  •     Any person with immune-suppressed conditions or may be showing any signs of illness.
  •     Children under the age of 13 years (Note no Kids 4 Jesus or Youth programs will be hosted until further notice)

3. Proper PPE and Social distancing procedures will be followed as indicated under the Government guidelines and these will include;

  •     Temperatures recorded for tracking purposes. Any person with a temperature of 37.4 or over will not be allowed on premises and will be encouraged to seek medical attention.
  •     Hand Washing and Sanitizing – All congregants will be expected to sanitize their hands properly before and after the service.
  •     No physical contact (hand-shakes, hugging, kissing, etc.) among worshippers is allowed before, during and after the worship service. The 1.5m social distancing must be followed at all times on church premises.
  •     An appropriate face mask that covers the nose and mouth must be worn properly for the full duration of the service.
  •     No refreshments will be served after services.

4. Please be aware that CPFC in line with Government regulations will ensure

Worship will be had, however congregants are not encouraged to sing along but rather to meditate on the words of the songs and Glorify God as the worship team blesses us with this time of Worship.
Tithes and offerings be received by persons wearing masks as well as surgical gloves and they must maintain social distancing. Those counting the money must ensure that their hands are sanitized before and after counting. When communion is served, the servers must wear surgical gloves, masks and practise social distancing. Individual communion cups must be used. Disposable cups with wafers may be considered

5. We as Crosspoint’s Exco are deeply concerned about each person’s health amongst the congregants at Crosspoint, and so, advise that you discern the best way for yourselves personally, to determine whether any pre-existing health condition that you may have will adversely affect your health further , if you happen to unfortunately get exposed to any infection, COVID 19 inclusive, in a gathering even though we as a church will be following all government COVID 19 protocols, kindly note that Part of those protocols may include a two-week (14 day) quarantine period.

The above is applicable to all who would like to sign up for physically attending Church services as any medical condition, requirement for quarantine and any other direct and/or indirect impact this may have on your health, work, businesses etc., will certainly be personally demanding and draining Physically, Financially and Emotionally for the affected person. So, please do consider the above while responding to the request for registration. Please note that it is perfectly alright to continue worshiping through our online services and engagements till you are convinced about the risks involved and the safety of your health.