Men's Ministry

Our men’s ministry happens every six weeks and this is a time for men to get together, be vulnerable, take their relationship with God to the next level and perhaps even do something practical. Our the theme for 2020 will be the same as for 2019’s theme which is, “TAKING OWNERSHIP.”


Women's Ministry

The Women meet each month on the Second Saturday at 9.30am for fellowship, encouragement and teaching from God’s word in ways that connect with the needs of women of all ages. 

Contact us for times and location information

Youth Ministry

We have Teen church at 8:30 am every Sunday and we run program focused, specialised youth events throughout the year. Some examples of these would be big events for teens, Youth Alpha sessions, 4-8 week topic focused programs, and we end the year off with a bang by taking our teens to Summer Camp.

Life Groups

Life Groups (another name for Bible studies) this embodies the heart behind home-cells which is doing life and faith together. Various life groups meet each week across different areas of the city of Gaborone and nearby villages. These are a special means of blessing and fellowship and growth, enabling members to share joys and trials with each other for support, counsel and prayer. They are times of growing together in the study of God’s Word to learn more of what it means to Love God and others and live Godly lives. 

 Contact us for times and location information

Sunday School

Each Sunday we have a time for the children in ‘Kids4Jesus’, which after sharing in the first half of the service with the whole church family, the Sunday school are then blessed with an opportunity to grow in Christ – each age group has their own special classroom.

Please call the church for more information regarding our Sunday school programs.